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Why Sweat Sessions with Aubre Winters’ Should Be Your Next Favorite Studio


Aubre Winters shows up to work every day with one goal: to just make people feel good. That’s her entire philosophy on movement. She wants to create a more connected and kind community of movers through the energy she puts into the world. So for more than a year while we all lived on the edge of our seats trying to find some sense of certainty in a whole world that seemed to be completely unknown, Aubre spent the time doing just that – building out and launching her recently launched multi-dimensional fitness platform Sweat Sessions.

For Aubre the pandemic changed her routine completely, upending her career as a studio fitness instructor at some of the top fitness studios in Los Angeles and relocating her to Chicago, making way for her to finally have the time to launch the passion project she’d been working on building on the side. With the goal of building a community and digital platform that felt as close to the in person experience, Sweat Sessions and the #SweatyBishCommunity (as they go by) has quickly grown to a become a large group of women moving together and empowering each other from all around the world. 

Sweat Sessions by Aubre Winters

Aubre’s approach to fitness is simple: working out should feel good. It should never be about trying to achieve a certain body type, it should be about achieving balance, and that means prioritizing mental health and inner well-being as much as you’re prioritizing your workouts. Which is why on Sweat Sessions you won’t just find workouts, you’ll find meditation and dedicated workshops with special guests from the mental health, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and entrepreneurship industries.

What’s been the key to Aubre’s success, aside from years of hard work and a good mind for smart branding? Aubre’s a girl’s girl, and with a larger than life personality and a megawatt smile mixed with an energy that instantly makes you feel like she’s your best friend that you can trade beauty secrets with, it’s not hard to fall in love with her instantly. Also, Aubre’s smart. She’s sharp, with an incredible eye for branding, something you’ll soon agree with when you look at her fitness platform or any of her social media accounts. In a world where overnight fitness professionals needed to learn to be expert content marketers, studio owners and technology wizards if they wanted to have a job, she dove in head first to the life of being a full time entrepreneur. 

Aubre is the first to admit that launching her own business has been a challenge. In her words she is “not a business woman, straight up!” She is first and foremost everyone’s favorite “hype girl”, a creative who loves to make content, connect with her community and program great workouts. But when it comes to running the business side of things she’s the first to throw her hands up and say she doesn’t always know what she’s doing and has strategically learned to outsource and ask for help when challenges beyond her abilities arise. 

Sweat Sessions by Aubre Winters

For all of Aubre’s admitted gaps as a first time businesswoman, there’s one thing Aubre does know and that’s her worth and the value she brings to the fitness space. A former professional dancer with a degree in dance and who has now been a master trainer for more than 8 years, she knows what value she brings to the fitness space. She knows exactly how her skillset and expertise how she can use both to help her community achieve their goals. 

With a higher price point / month ($74.99) than the industry average, Sweat Sessions positions itself as a one stop shop for its members,  offering a wide variety of workout types (barre, yoga, sculpt, HIIT, strength, meditation) and the aforementioned workshops, but with a combination of a large on-demand library with live zoom classes means you’ll likely never get bored or run out of new classes to try. 

Aubre Winters Sweat Sessions

What’s next for Sweat Sessions? As the world reopens Aubre wants to bring the SS experience in person. She’s working on finding ways for the Sweaty Bish Community to meet and gather and move in person; to drive home that multi-dimensional platform she created. 

We should all strive to be a little bit more like Aubre – willing to take risks on our dreams, to trust our instincts and to, of course, just try to make people feel better every single day.

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