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About Us

Founded in 2020, Teny is a female owned modern fitness company built on the singular idea that the joy of movement belongs to all, and that movement is made better when you’re doing it with friends. On Teny, you can search and find honest reviews of digital workout platforms from some of the best studios and trainers around the world, read thoughtful interviews with interesting people, find product recommendations to help make your fitness experience better and, most importantly, discover a community of like minded people who love to move the way that you do. 

We’ve created a space that’s safe for everyone, and we are focused on finding the best way for you to feel comfortable, relaxed and celebrate life through the joy of movement.

Teny was founded on five guiding principles:


We believe that fitness and good health is for everyone, no matter where you come from, what your physical abilities are, what your budget allows or what you’ve told yourself…you deserve great health.


Teny was built by two friends who love to workout together, and we believe that building a community of friends or like-minded strangers who love to move keeps everyone on the right track. We’ll help you find a workout or find a trainer or a community. Or maybe, all three.


Real, unbiased, non spon-con, transparent reviews about studios, workouts and trainers. We keep it honest and real every time.


However we can, whenever we can. It can be as small as a word of encouragement to our community to remind them how good it feels to pump up your heart rate, or as big as us bringing studio classes to underserved communities to help share the joy of movement. There’s no right, there’s no wrong, there’s only forward.


Open hearts and open minds led us to where we are today – unafraid to try new things, new workouts and new challenges. We’re building a platform that, we hope, gives you the knowledge and confidence to do the same. Dive into our digital reviews, pique your curiosity and to tell yourself it’s okay to try something new.