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Alice Non Stop: a story about women who make a difference by training and caring for their bodies

What happens when we turn the impossible into possible? This is the story of Alice, a woman who transformed her challenges into goals.

There are days when we just want to give up; not because we don´t want to fight, but because we are exhausted. We´ve had hard times and can´t seem to know how to face the adversities, or maybe we even feel like they are bigger than us. It may seem a little idealistic or like a quote taken from a self-esteem book, but the truth is these only have as much power as our mind decides to grant them, at least, that has been of the lessons that Alice has taught us; the entrepreneur, mother, sister and woman who, aside from being all of those, has taken upon herself to build a community in which women feel powerful and celebrated. She is the founder of ANS (Alice Non Stop): an exercise method, unique to Mexico, which throughout various disciplines, enhances both the body and mind.

Her story began long ago, when she was a swimmer. Her daily life was marked by discipline inside and outside the water. As that cycle in her life closed, she began to practice other types of sports to strengthen her figure and to try to leave behind the body that practicing this sport for so long gave her, but there was a moment that marked her life forever, leaving her with a valuable lesson:

‘I had a hip stress fracture due to overtraining: I was forced to stop for 6 months, during which I couldn’t walk. The main lesson that moment in my life gave me, was to learn to listen more closely to my body, understanding that getting some rest or stopping for a moment does not mean you are weak, it is part of the development, growth, strengthening and it is a fundamental part in every good training. I learned to be grateful to my body, to care for my body, respect my breaking points, understand them, pay closer attention to them and grow and build from them …’, she tells us.  

The moment she was told she wouldn’t be able to run again, she trained and got certified in techniques and training courses that, in addition to helping her understand her body, gave her a better understanding of how women’s bodies work. She went back on the track and subsequently created the ANS Method. 

Non Stop

What is Alice Non Stop (ANS)?

‘ANS is a lifestyle, a journey leading us to a better version of each of us. It is not just about getting there, it involves loving and embracing the process, the change, the journey as a whole in order to get there. To become stronger, in love with ourselves, in love with our community. ANS is a safe and inclusive space where we are comfortable, where we are there for each other, we laugh, get up, and we become stronger. The key is in the angles, in the off-core work (which is so specialized), the props and postures. We focus on the shape, the posture, in activating the muscles that are harder to reach, and that is only achieved through key movements, precise angles and by taking care of the way and the shape’, says the founder with great enthusiasm.

This method, unique to Mexico, offering an unprecedented exercise modality which can be used by both beginners and experts, meets both sides with one thing in common: knowing and exploring their breaking points, boundaries and limits, all while building a community. ‘When I thought about creating ANS, I wasn´t thinking about one woman alone, I was thinking about all women. Of course from my point of view, experience and knowledge, but I thought I wanted something more to make all of us feel stronger, happier, to feel better about our bodies, more agile, and more powerful’, Alice adds.

Wellness advice for healthy habits  

When it comes to achieving a goal, we are all beginners, from starting a fit challenge to staying in a mat for more than 60 minutes without ever reaching for your phone (and that’s ok). However, if you haven’t decided yet to start a new routine, Alice has important advice for you: ‘Discipline and consistency do not show up by magic. It is all about taking the first step, starting, committing to yourself, on a day to day and step by step basis. It is just like the phrase: fake it until you make it, get up even if it takes a lot of effort and dare to start. It’s true, it does take a lot of willingness, but before you realize it, the love for the movement and changes happening to your body and mind, begin turning into discipline and consistency’, she assures.

“Discipline and consistency do not show up by magic. It is all about taking the first step, starting, committing to yourself, on a day to day and step by step basis…”

Alice Non Stop

Understanding your relationship with your body

Having a life in which well-being is an important part of it, not only has something to do with exercising, but it also has to do with learning how to listen to your body or learning how to stop in case it is necessary. As Alice mentioned earlier, this does not mean you are weak, it just means you need a break, something that is as necessary as a habit that keeps you up on your feet and allows you to remain active. 

‘It is extremely important to understand our body and to connect with it. Understanding your breaking points; these can be different for each one of us, and so are your development areas. It is important not to compare ourselves and understanding what we really need to in order to become stronger, more flexible or agile, in a way that all of those can help us achieve our goals. Knowing your body to the point where you can tell how far you may go and where your breaking point is also means respecting it! You can always go further, but in order to do that we work and build ourselves up gradually, because small achievements can altogether build a big one’, she explains.

Beyond the challenges…

Your greatest teacher in each and every single aspect of your life will undoubtedly be time, as well as intentions.  There will always be adversities or moments in your life when you feel like taking on a fitness challenge might sound impossible, but it is that reason why women like Alice have created all of these methods; for you to realize that you are not the only one wanting to fulfill your goals, there are many more out there and they all want to achieve their goals with you… join them, and you´ll see that you have more in common than you can imagine. 

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