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The Unique Link Between Fitness and Fashion


In conversation with Vogue Mexico’s Editor-in-chief, Karla Martinez de Salas and Marina Larroudé, the founder of her recently launched shoe brand Larroudé by Marina Larroudé.

Both passionate about health and wellness, the fashion insiders discuss how their routines and goals have evolved after a year of being working remotely, exercising in a different way, and what they have discovered about virtual workouts, new routines, and their gym wardrobe. 

Karla Martinez: You’re an entrepreneur and working from home, but I know you are still running. Tell me what this past 18 months has been for you and how your fitness routine has changed. 

Marina Larroudé: You know we used to workout at 5:30 in the morning at Tracy Anderson. This year I was unable to wake up that early; but I’m still doing my Tracy Anderson, I started doing Lisa Wood some days that I’m not feeling like, let’s say hardcore, and I’m still running. 

I do miss the studio vibe, but you know, I’m trying to keep my routine as much as I can and doing it even if I have a break like in the middle of the day. I am really pushing myself to exercise everyday as I used to.

KM: Were you able to run when things got crazy in New York, did you just put your mask and kept running?

Marina Larroudé, an avid lifelong runner.

ML: We have a treadmill at home so right at the beginning of the pandemic I was running at home, but I really like to run outside. I think it was sometime in May or end of April last year that I went outside for the first time, and I was so scared because the city was like a ghost town. I was really scared to be running around in New York, where I always felt very safe in life, even in the dark. I had never experienced such a thing in the city, but now it’s back to normal.    

KM: I do miss the studio life. How do you motivate these days that life is not yet fully back to normal?

ML: It’s definitely hard, but I push myself to do it every day. I think that for us who love it and love that endorphin moment, the minute that we do it we feel so good. Then I’m like “Wow, why was I procrastinating for like two hours?”.

KM: You mentioned that on the days you cannot do a 45–50-minute workout, you do Melissa Wood or other short routines. What do you think has changed in that sense?

ML: For me the workout started with getting back in shape right after I had my son George, but then after that it just became such a healthy habit, and it’s also good for my mental health. So now there are days that I don’t feel like working out like crazy, but even if I do 20 minutes, I’m fine.

ML: I know that you used to do crazy intense workouts, has that changed at all for you since becoming a mother and being busy with work?

Karla Martinez de Salas, training for the New York City marathon in 2021.

KM: I do find myself sometimes wanting to go for that, like that extreme run or do that insane workout where you’re sore for two days. And then other days, like you said, I just want to do like 15 minute abs. Thanks to Teny actually, my sister and I found this Pilates teacher in Australia, and she teaches us a private class on Sunday evenings at 6pm for me, 5pm for my sister and at 9 am Monday morning for her. It’s so surreal, but it just feels like really good on your body, like stretching, and I find myself that I’m gravitating more towards this, you know, the, the good feel-good feeling.

KM: What are you wearing these days, what are you finding great that you like in athleisure?

ML: There are these leggings from a brand called Beach Riot that I really love, I have like two or three of them and I just always go back; like I wash them, and I wear them again. I’m also I picked out a few New Balance items that I love too.

Before I had more outfits and I would wear nice things to go the gym, but now it’s the same top, and pretty much the same pants. The fit it’s so incredibly nice, that’s what I’m like wearing every day.

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