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A former dancer turned fitness trainer, Aubre Winters had been building her clientele and reputation in the industry as a high energy, highly effective trainer, teaching her signature barre, dance cardio and sculpt classes at places like Equinox, Bandier and Alo Yoga in Los Angeles. All the while, Aubre had been working on her own fitness business as a side passion project and when the pandemic hit and she found herself out of a studio job, and with a recent relocation from Los Angeles to Chicago, she knew it was time to take a risk on herself and bring her business venture to life. Call it fate, call it hustle, call it a ton of hard work, but all things worked together for Aubre to launch Sweat Sessions, a multi-dimensional fitness concept live and on-demand classes across a variety of modalities.

When Aubre says multi-dimensional, she really means it. Sweat Sessions is set up as a one stop shop for their community (also known as the #SweatyBishCommunity), offering not just Dance Cardio and Barre, but also sculpt, HIIT, yoga and meditation and even monthly workshops with guests and other experts in varying areas of wellness, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

And the workouts? Well, they’re tough. Aubre’s an athlete and it shows in the way she trains you. She’s effective, quick and on her A game for every second of every class. But they’re also a blast. Her high-energy, I’m your best friend vibe is infectious and it makes the time go by so quickly that you’ll forget you just spend 60 minutes toning every small muscle in your body. Aubre believes that you should workout not just to look a certain way but to really truly feel good in your body, and that’s evident in every single class and digital touchpoint. If you’re looking for an online fitness community that offers a fresh approach to fitness mixed with a tight knit community then Sweat Sessions is for you. We love it and we think you will too.

A multi-dimensional fitness concept brought offering workouts, meditation & workshops.

Digital Rating


Sweat Sessions’ backend is one of the most beautifully branded and comprehensive platforms that we’ve worked out on. You can sort for classes by length, body focus, difficulty, equipment (no equipment, no problem!), and even by mood. She also offers weekly pre-programed workout playlists making for an easy to follow schedule.

A large amount of the on-demand library is recordings of previously live zoom classes, which doesn’t always make for the best quality, but the quality of the workout more than makes up for it.

Instructor Rating


Most classes are taught by Aubre herself who brings her high-octane energy to every second of every class. There are also other teachers on Sweat Sessions who mirror that same level of professionalism meets a high vibration good time. You really won’t have a teacher on SS that you don’t absolutely love.

Average Class Difficulty


Barre Remix

Roughly 55 minutes per class

Sweaty Sculpt

Roughly 55 minutes per class

Dance Cardio

Roughly 55 minutes per class

The Facts

Teny Tip

Sweat Sessions is a multi-dimensional fitness concept created by former professional dancer Aubre Winters. SS offers a wide range of workout modalities, meditation and workshops featuring guests and experts in varying areas of wellness, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

Who it's good for

Anyone at any fitness level looking for a comprehensive online platform that offers a variety of styles of workouts and a strong and thriving community.


$74.99/month or $630/year. This also includes access to live zoom classes.

Sweat Sessions By Aubre Winters

Good to know’s


Equipment needed varies / class (and they offer classes where no equipment is needed), but having a mat, a range of weights and resistance bands on hand will work well.



Aubre’s working on bringing this fitness concept to life through in person events and activations. When you’re a member of the SBC (Sweaty Bish Community) you’ll be the first to know how you can meet up with your community in person.

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Sweat Sessions By Aubre Winters