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Teny Talks

Teny Talk w/ Rachel Robinson


In our first ever Teny Talk we chatted with Miami based master trainer Rachel Robinson. Besides being a wife and a mom to 3 small tiny ones, she is the founder of Rachel Fitness, a daily live workout on Instagram, as well as a master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. We asked her 10 quick get-to-know-Rachel style questions of things that you probably don’t know about her but wish that you did.

1. What’s does your morning routine look like before your 8:30 AM lives? 

My morning routine is to get kids ready, have a coffee and then jump On zoom.

2. Best year of your life?

So many, but the year that my kids were born.

Rachel Fitness

3. Where do you find new music?

Apple Music and old playlists that I have.

(p.s. peep some of her best class songs here  👇 👇 👇)

4. Favorite place to shop for workout clothes?


5. Favorite restaurant in Miami?

Right now, La Natural

La Natural Miami

6. Coffee order?

Simple. Just cream and sugar.

7. What’s your ideal way to spend a Sunday morning?

Spending it with my family.

Rachel Fitness

8. Proudest moment since launching Rachel Fitness?


9. What’s your motivation to keep moving?

All of you #RachelHeads.

Rachel Fitness

10. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My family.

Rachel Fitness

Follow Rachel on Instagram // read more Rachel Fitness’ program here.

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