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Teny Talks

Teny Talk w/ Rocky Rodriguez


In this week’s Teny Talk we chatted with the professional soccer player and New Balance athelete Rocky Rodriguez. We asked her quick get-to-know-Rocky style questions of things that you probably don’t know about her but wish that you did.

Will you introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

My name is Rocky Rodriguez and I’m from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Let’s take it back to the beginning, what was your greatest dream as a child?

To play professional soccer in a full stadium.

Well you’ve definitely hit that goal! You’ve had a really impressive soccer career thus far, what’s been your proudest moment?

 Qualifying Costa Rica to the first ever World Cup and being the first goal scorer.

We think we know the answer, but what’s your favorite way to workout?


We’re big believers that movement is better when it’s done with someone else – who is your favorite person to workout with?

My teammates, who are competitive but like to have fun.

What’s your most played song on Spotify?

Any Kany García song.

Okay and last question – what woman in your life do you look up to the most?

The woman I most look up to is any woman who decides to love herself.

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