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Rachel Robinson, the Miami based trainer and Master Barry's Bootcamp trainer, launched her daily workout classes in the early days of the pandemic in response to wanting to find a way to keep people moving during an otherwise very sedentary time. She recognized that it was a tough time for many people financially and wanted to create a space to give back however she could, so she kept her classes on IG live, where they could be accessed for free by anyone that could benefit from the workout. When her classes started to gain traction she vowed to keep them going and switched to a pay-what-you-can model, building and launching her own website where students could easily pay whatever they felt was within their means to support her efforts. To be clear, this is not a free class, it's an honor system and you should support it like you would anything else in life that you enjoy doing.

Now, 10 months later, Rachel is still running her bootcamp style strength classes 5 days a week. Every day at 8:30 am EST a few hundred people jump on her live and workout together in what really truly feels like one big community. Classes start with a 3 minute warmup and then go immediately into 27 minutes of body part specific movement. You'll use either medium to heavy weights, mini bands or resistance bands and sometimes just your own body weight to push yourself to failure in those 27 minutes. And you know it's working because even Rachel herself is often winded at the end of class.

Her classes are extremely tough (she is a master Barry's instructor after all) but Rachel's joyful, high energy personality make every single minute of class fun. Give it a try, we promise you'll be back on your mat tomorrow at 8:30 waiting for class to start again.

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Her live classes happen daily on IG live and her classes are then saved and can be rewatched on her IGTV channel or on youtube. Camera quality + music are the best they possibly can be. Make the most out of it by watching the IG live from your computer.

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Rachel’s energy makes every class an absolute blast and you’ll be surprised by how much fun you’re having while working at your max effort for 30 full minutes.

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30 minute class

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Rachel Fitness is a support based IG live strength class taught 5 days / week by Barry's master trainer Rachel Robinson. Each workout is 30 minutes of high-intensity, highly effective movements that will strengthen and tone your entire body.

Who it's good for

Intermediate or Advanced fitness levels looking for a high-energy strength training workout from home. Beginners can take this class (modifications are offered), but it's worth knowing that she moves really quickly to make the most of the 30 minutes.


All of Rachel's classes are support based, meaning that you are able to pay what you can / class or set up a recurring payment on her website.

Rachel Fitness

Good to know’s


Equipment you’ll need for her classes changes every week, but the things you’ll need are a set of medium weights (8lbs-12lbs), a set of heavy weights (15lbs-25lbs), mini bands, resistance bands with handles, and occasionally a chair. If none of this equipment is available to you then you can do most classes with bodyweight only.


At the beginning of each week she’ll post on her instagram account all of the equipment you’ll need for each day’s workouts. If you miss a day and want to make it up later, head to her Instagram or her YouTube channel to view the class you missed.

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