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The U.S.A’s First LGBTQ Gym is Queer and Here to Stay


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Nathalie Huerta

Nathalie Huerta, A.K.A “Coach Nat”, an ex-athlete turned personal trainer and a graduate in Exercise and Sports Medicine, used to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome at corporate gyms. Queer or not, gym culture can feel oppressive – eyes on you at all times, bright lights, and large mirrors – and at its worst, the inescapable mansplaining, fat-shaming, transphobia and homophobia.

Coach Nat, who graduated from Stanford University’s Latino Entrepreneurship Leaders Program, saw the need for a totally inclusive and community-oriented space when she opened The Queer Gym in 2010. Since then, the non-judgy environment has been a safe haven for queers and allies alike to get their sweat on, form community, and find self-love.

The Queer Gym

The place itself, located in Oakland, CA, is the workout space that dreams are made of, if conventional gyms aren’t your thing. Without mirrors, clients can be fully present in their bodies without distraction, without the feeling of body dysmorphia. Now, after over a decade in business, the community that has endured through the pandemic has now transitioned 100% online. The takeaway is still the same, though – a supportive community that still thrives in this newly virtual world.

Classes are recorded live and begin with the sharing of pronouns, and are limited to 15-20 people so the trainers can still keep an eye on your form, giving you the value of personal feedback. An even more unique offering is the tailored training for trans people, to help adjust to hormonal and physical changes before and after surgery.

Nathalie Huerta The Queer Gym

Coach Nat runs her business with a contagious attitude that bubbles with authenticity – empowering positivity laced with a hilarious, no-BS edge – bringing you classes like hardcore homo, hella arms & abs, dancing queen and social hour. The gym also offers yoga, oakland booty, and weights & meditate, and all classes are designed using body weight so that no equipment is required.

The silver lining of the at-home workouts is that they are now able to reach a father and wider audience. Memberships are between $39-$49 a week, whereas the 28 day fitness challenge is perfect for those who want the accountability of having group support and a one-on-one nutrition coach. Spots are limited for the program, which includes 3 workout sessions a week, and go for $249. If you’re interested but unsure, you’re invited to hop on a call to see if it’s the right fit for you.

After ten years strong, The Queer Gym is sure to keep blazing trails and building an active community of Happy, Healthy Homos.