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When we first learned about the Be.come Project it caught our attention for a couple of reasons. When you land on their website you realize that this is an inclusive, safe space for all bodies everywhere – a refreshing and welcome change from what we've all come to know as industry norm. And second, the Be.come Project has a unique approach to their workouts with each class being just 25 minutes, making it a perfect workout no matter your fitness level.

The project is a body-neutral, low impact workout, with each class intended to be repeated for 7 days until the new workout class is released. A new routine drops every Monday, but you can still view the old routine for the next 7 days, so you'll have 14 days to work on 2 total routines before you move on.

Each routine begins with a warm up, followed by exercises for the right side of your body and then left, and ends with a bit of cardio. The routine is a mix of pilates, yoga with spurts of dance cardio in between. The idea is that with repetition you will master each move and move faster and more efficiently every time you do the class. Bethany, the founder of the project not only wants you to challenge yourself physically, but mentally as well.

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A combo of well recorded weekly classes + foundation and weekly tutorials.

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Classes are taught by founder Bethany Meyers who creates such a welcoming, beautiful environment for all movers and challenges you to move your body in intentional, smart ways.

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25 mins class

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A body-neutral, low impact workout with one new workout class each week. This is the perfect workout for someone that wants to move everyday for a short amount of time. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s only 25 minutes, you still get a sweat in and feel great about having moved for the day. There are plenty of tutorials to help you master the movements.

Who it's good for

Anyone looking for a low impact pilates style workout or someone who has a limited amount of time to get a workout in.


$35.00/ month after a free 10 day trial for first time members.

The Be.come Project

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Mat, light weights 


If you are looking for top 20 music while working out, this class isn’t for you.

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The Be.come Project