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For Kit Rich, the celebrity trainer, pilates instructor and founder of KICHGO (which is both her workout platform based entirely on her YouTube channel and her accompanying product line), working out shouldn't be complicated. In fact, it's pretty easy. So easy that she's distilled it down to one mantra: either run, walk or hike for 30 minutes a day or get a 30 minute workout in. With that in mind, Kit launched her platform KICHGO with the busy modern woman in mind – a woman that wanted an effective workout but was too busy to spend 60+ minutes at the gym or a class. KICHGO is about feeling great and celebrating moving in your body by making your fitness routine work for you.

For Kit, consistency and routine is key, which is why most of the classes offered on her Kichgo YouTube channel are just 30 to 35 minutes, meaning you can likely find a way to fit them in at some point of your day. Kit started her career in fitness as a pilates instructor, which serves as the foundation for most of the movements in her program. Each class starts with a short simple warm-up and then jumps right into pilates-inspired and cardio moves before ending with a very short stretch segment. The quick spurts of cardio between pilates moves is a nice touch and helps to spike your heart rate, and with each class being a 6 or 7 on the difficulty scale you could easily combine these classes with a walk or run before or after (we know that contradicts Kit's 3x3 philosophy!).

The entire library is available for free on YouTube, and with clear, clean videos with modifications readily available this is a great, accessible workout for all.

Digital Rating


A mix of professionally shot and not professionally shot video workouts on YouTube. Background “lounge” music plays in her pre-recorded classes and no music is played during her live classes, so if you’re someone who is accustomed to moving to music then be prepared to play your own music in your space. Given her website is not frequently updated, it’s not very clear when live classes on YouTube happen.

Instructor Rating


Kit is great at giving clear directions and explaining each move clearly. In some of her videos, she has two people showing how to modify each move.

Average Class Difficulty


Glutes and Abs

35 minutes class

Tabata Lower Body

30 minutes class

The Facts

Teny Tip

These 30 to 35 minute cardio and Pilates-inspired classes happen entirely on YouTube, meaning they're free for all. We suggest combining the class with a brisk walk or run for a well-rounded workout.

Who it's good for

Anyone at any level looking to start or build onto an existing fitness or pilates practice. The quick spurts of cardio make it faster than traditional Pilates and keep it a bit more interesting.


All KICHGO classes are offered for free on their YouTube channel, or you can train privately with Kit herself.

Good to know’s


Some classes require the KICHGO resistance loop, small ball and/or sliders. If you don’t have any of these, don’t worry, you’ll still get a good workout.

Who it's good for

With classes being 30 to 35 minutes of low impact moves, don’t expect to sweat a ton. You might feel like you can go on a run after (and yes this might go against her philosophy).

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