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Celebrity trainer and all-around badass Kira Stokes has put together The Stokes Method, a form-focused, science-backed flow of movement formula. In other words, transitions and the sequence in which you do the movements matter, and Kira brings that in-depth understanding of physique and science to her circuit based classes.

Each circuit is made up of 4 moves / circuit, repeated 3 times before moving onto the next circuit. Kira walks you through each and every exercise, calling out helpful tips like which muscles to tighten or where each part of your body should be positioned for optimal conditioning. Her clear teaching and guidance will make you feel like she’s right there in the room with you telling you how to do each move better and more efficiently. You’ll find yourself doing moves you’re familiar with but done in new and interesting ways, often combining them with brand new movements that are meant to test your stamina, muscles and endurance. Couple these incredibly challenging workouts with Kira’s fun and energetic personality and you’ll find yourself filled with energy but dripping in sweat by the end of the workout.

Average Class Difficulty


10 Minute Band Ab Blast

10 minute class

Full Body Couch

16 minute class

Upper Body / Core Strength

30 Minute class

Stoked Shred 360

60 minute class

The Facts


Kira's workouts aren't easy, but there's a reason that she's so highly revered by her celebrity clientele and that's because her science-backed approach really, really works. She also has a personality that just makes the workouts so much fun. Your first workout will be hard, but keep showing up and we think you'll be surprised by how much stronger you feel in a short period of time.

Who it's good for

Anyone looking for a challenging workout, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. There are modifications for every move, so don’t be intimidated to start if you’re a beginner.


$14.99 / month or $144.99 / year after a free 7 day trial for first time members.

Kira Stokes Fit

Good to know’s

Equipment needed

Most classes can be done with body weight alone, but certain classes require exercise bands or light weights.


Kira’s VOD (video on demand) library is vast and ranges from short 3 minute body part specific workouts to longer 65 minute total body workouts, and a ton of other options in-between.

In many of her workout videos, Kira has two people behind her modifying the moves for beginner and intermediate.

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