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Core Club, founded by the highly sought after pilates instructor Amanda Kassar, is the digital platform to Kassar’s in person studio Pilates by Amanda based in Los Angeles, which Vogue once deemed “the hardest pilates workout in LA” and should give you a sense of what Kassar sought to replicate when she launched her digital platform during the pandemic in 2020. Kassar has seamlessly managed to replicate her in-person reformer pilates classes with on-demand mat pilates classes you can do from home, and let us be the first to tell you that yes, they’re really that good.

When you login to Core Club you’ll be directed to browse classes in sections. If you’re new, you can head straight to The Fundamentals to learn more about the basics of the programs and understand the movement, or if you’re starting Core Club with a more advanced knowledge of pilates then you can jump straight into the Advanced on Location sections where Amanda provides less modifications and the workouts are more intense. If you’re short on time, head straight to her body part specific “Just A Quickie” classes where Amanda somehow manages to leave you feel exhausted and incredibly fit in 35 minutes. (Click over to our Classes tab for a more thorough review of where you should begin!) Each low impact class is filled with traditional mat pilates moves that isolate and fatigue the muscle using a series of props which leave you feeling strong and toned.

Core Club is a platform for anyone looking to build on their pilates practice. Amanda has created a welcoming atmosphere that is relaxed, joyful and easy to follow and leaves you feeling more like Amanda is your personal friend than your pilates trainer.

Digital Rating


Exceptionally easy to navigate back end with easy to follow class groupings. Core Club is relatively new so the library of classes isn’t exceptionally large, but there are enough to get you started. There isn’t any music playing in the background of classes, so if you’re someone who is accustomed to working out with music you’ll need to have your own playlist ready to go.

Instructor Rating


Amanda is an incredible teacher who offers modifications in every class, encourages you to take breaks and does the whole class with you. Amanda goes above and beyond to ensure that all first time students understand the method, the movements and how to progress in your pratice.

Average Class Difficulty


The Fundamentals

10-55 Minute class

Core Club On Location

60 Minute class

Pre & Post Natal 2.0

20 - 50 minutes class

60 Minute Classic Pilates

60 minute class

The Facts

Teny Tip

Traditional mat-pilates classes taught by highly sought after celebrity trainer Amanda Kassar.

Who it's good for

Anyone at any level looking to start or build onto an existing pilates practice. Modifications are offered in all level classes.


$34.99/month or after a free 7 day trial.

Core Club by Amanda Kassar

Good to know’s


Core Club is prop heavy. Amanda recommends you owning a mat, a pilates ring, a pilates ball, hand / ankle weights, hands weights and a chair. There is a section of classes on Core Club that are bodyweight only, but to get the most out of your membership with Core Club, have he above equipment handy.



You can view your membership on an easy to download app on your smartphone, iPad or smart TV.

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