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Holy Cult! Akin has not only built an AARMY, he has built a true fitness brand. AARMY was started by Akin Akman, a "celebrity" instructor who was previously at Soul Cycle. When he left, Akin took his Soul AARMY with him and to this day, you will find that where he goes, they follow. Unlike many other digital studios, this is filmed against a dark/grey tone background with a spotlight on the instructor and occasional flashing lights throughout the workout. The video camera moves around to show different angles of the instructor, which is not really helpful, but appreciated for artistic reasons.

Most of the classes start with a 4 to 6 minute warmup, followed by an intense workout (no matter which class type you're doing) and end with a 4 minute cool down. The classes are not as "inspirational" as Soul, but there is constant motivational chatter throughout class. One of our favorite classes we have tried is the full body bootcamp, but if you are an "athlete" looking for modifications, this class and studio are not for you. The classes are designed to push you towards progress in every session, hence why some of the moves seem impossible and made for intermediate or even advanced athletes.

If digital fitness has given us anything, it's access to top trainers without having to get on a waitlist. If you have been dying to try Akin's classes, this is your chance. After you take a cycling class with him, you will understand what all the hype is about. That said, we know this studio is not for everyone and don't sign up if you are looking for a calm, transcendent workout experience.

Digital Rating


A combination of numerous well recorded on-demand classes + live daily classes hosted on Zoom. The on-demand videos seem to be more artistically produced than most digital fitness classes with a spotlight on the trainer, flashing back lights and video angles that range from front view to side views and leg close ups. Overall, the digital experience is great and we appreciate that it stays true the original vibe of AARMY and Akin.



As a quote on their website says, “we believe that if you have a body, you’re an athlete”. We aren’t sure if that means that everyone is capable of any move and there aren’t any modifications. If you are the type that wants someone to tell them how to modify a move, these instructors are not for you. Aside from that we love Jaws and Sophia for full body workouts, and if you want to test your coordination and rhythm on the bike, try Akin.

Average Class Difficulty



30 to 55 min class


10 to 30 min class


The Facts

Teny Tip

Great quality videos and music is a +++. The vibe at the studios in NYC and LA are very intimidating, but AARMY's digital platform has welcomed many that would normally not step foot in this studio. Each instructor within AARMY has their own brand and cult following. After trying out several workouts, you understand why people love this place - a real community or...AARMY.

Who it's good for

Intermediate and advanced athletes who love to push themselves with no modifications. Although they will say that it's for everyone. If you're not super fit, don't get discouraged if you can't keep up.


$35 / month or $350 / year after 30 day free trial.

Good to know’s


Each class varies, but you will need a mat and weights in most of the floor classes. Although not required, some classes do require medicine balls and heavier weights. If you’re doing the spin class, we highly suggest you find a stationary bike.


Live zoom classes happen daily and follow the same format as On Demand videos. The quality is not as good, but try these live classes to get a sense of the community that Akin has built.

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