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A Week In Workouts

A Week In Workouts: The Dedicated Fitness Enthusiast from Mexico City


This week Pamela Ocampo (38), a Marketing Manager and Fashion Consultant from Mexico City tells us why she runs 7 miles a day at least 3 days a week and what her favorite way to unwind on a Sunday is.

I try to stick to this routine every week for mental health reasons. Whenever I am not able to stick to it, I immediately feel the effect it takes on me. Maybe my body got used to daily exercise since the pandemic began. I found shelter in doing so, and some form of escape at the same time. I saw how my body got stronger and changed every day, and now I want to maintain a strong body until I’m old!

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I start my day by going on a run at 7:00 AM – it is my way to meditate, be with myself, listen to music or unplug myself from the world. Some days I’ll invite a friend to go on my runs with me, but typically it’s just me. I run between 5-7 miles every run. Running is a great way to keep the mind and body oxygenated, no matter where I am.

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

On the days that I don’t go on my runs, I start my day with a Kentro class at 7:30 AM. Kentro is a practice that combines strength, cardio, elasticity and resistance. This method, developed by Concha Orvañanos, has become a huge pillar in my life and health, both mentally and physically. 

The class begins with a very meaningful mantra, followed by 10 minutes of jump rope, and then several exercises, all based on the foundations of yoga. They have different programs you can choose from and, each are inspired by very interesting topics from astrology, the universe, elements, nature, among others.

Each session is unique, intense and very powerful. Plus, they always have the best music.

Pamela Ocampo


I go horseback riding at 8:00 AM. It is my favourite activity! Time flies and I get a nice adrenaline rush which helps me with stress.

Some close friends of my parents have some stables, and as a child I had a horse that competed at the racetrack. I was always fascinated to see her! They only let me ride in the stable and always with supervision.

Over time, I rode some horses but never did it consistently or on a professional level. I was left with the curiosity of learning to ride well, so during the pandemic I started with classes. It has been 6 months and you really work everything – legs, abdomen, buttocks. The day after my first class I couldn’t even move. 

Running and Kentro have been great in strengthening my legs and have helped me gain better stability. Breathing is a great tool to feel the flow of the horse when it gallops. Riding horses requires concentration and the mind to be present at all times. For the 50 minutes that I’m there, I’m completely disconnected and I dedicate 100% of myself.  Time flies and I get a nice adrenaline rush which helps me with stress.

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